John Crowther, Art Critic

Michael Yurick’s Paper No.41 lies somewhere between sculpture, collage, and work on paper. Architectural, abstract, and geometric, the work is at once an investigation of form and space and evocative of densely overlapping city buildings. The hard-lined geometric abstraction is complemented and belied by the fractured nature of the work. Reminiscent of the chaotic intentionality of a cityscape, Paper No.41 feels like a deconstructed whole that has been beautifully yet irrevocably rearranged. His restraint with color finds its opposite in the intensity of the work’s three-dimensionality. Had Yurick indulged in a bright palette, the protrusion of elements and contrasts they form would have overwhelmed the work and rendered it visually inaccessible. Like with all great cities, there is a beautiful balance between chaos and intention.